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How to Repair Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron

Nov 2nd, 2010 | Category: Cookware, La Creuset

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thekitchn.com asks "Is It Possible To Seal or Repair My Chipped Le Creuset Pot?".

To Fix or Not to Fix

Overwhelmingly the answer appears to be NO. Certainly the majority opinion is do NOT try this at home. Repairing enameled cast iron is possible but not recommended for cookware. Even a professional repairer would likely tell you its not recommended for cookware. le-creuset-potA sink or tub? OK. But not your Dutch Oven.

Here's an article that recommends to DO NOT try to repair enameled cast

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iron cookware yourself. Get a professional. Excerpt

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"Modern porcelain enamel can be chipped but only with a very hard blow that bends the base metal. Damaged porcelain enamel fixtures and appliances can be repaired, with do-it-yourself-kits, or by professionals who do the best, most lasting repairs. A special type of paint is used, as porcelain enamel itself must be baked on under very hot temperatures, so it will not be as durable as the original porcelain enamel surface. Never attempt such repair on utensils

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used for preparing or cooking food."

Be Careful

With this in mind, most manufacturers recommend hand washing enameled cast iron cookware with soft sponges. Silicone or wooden tools are also recommended when cooking. If you follow these suggestions, your cookware's enamel coating should remain in good shape for years to come.

Le Creuset suggests: "Products are dishwasher safe, but handwashing is recommended." And: "Do not use metallic pads or harsh abrasive cleaning agents as these will damage the enamel." They also have a special cleaner available.

Just Use It

Many other sources suggest you're better off either buying a new pot, dutchoven, etc, or just using it as is. After all it is cast iron and bare cast iron cookware is used all the time. eHow.com suggests just that:

"Cracks in enamel coating don't mean that your cookware is ruined. Underneath the enamel is

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solid cast iron, which will cook food as well as enameled products. Exposed cast iron simply needs additional care to keep it in good condition."

Buying new Le Creuset is pricey, but is using chipped or damaged enameled cast iron OK? What are your views?

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  1. Hi, what about greater damage? I received in the post a pot whose handle was broken off. I thought such a thing was nearly impossible with cast iron, but the evidence is before me. Is it worth trying to get it fixed, which would mean welding it back on I guess? Thanks.

  2. Gina:

    If it’s Le Creuset, return it, they will replace the whole product, even if you bought it used in most cases. If its another brand of enameled cast iron, I’m not sure. If the handle is enameled, I don’t think you can fix it. If the pot is not enameled, I’m sure you could have it welded it back on. I hope you can work this out. If this is a new product I’m sure just about any company would replace it.

  3. Hi. During post hurricane Sandy we were cooking in one house. I brought some chicken stew in my 30 year old Le Creuset oven. To recycle the existing food for the next meal someone added drop biscuits. The temperature was too high and scorched the bottom. I have been soaking it in warm soapy water but it is still evident. Do you have any helpful tips?

  4. NO, I would not recommend using a damaged enamel pot. The enamel will continue to chip away and will contaminate your food. I tossed a pot of pork ragout for this reason … it has an odd *crunch* which it shouldn’t have had …. could not in good conscience feed that to anyone.

  5. I dropped the lid of my cobalt LeCrueset goose pot, (roughly 19″ by 13″). The iron is cracked from the edge 2/3 of the way to the knob. Even at your generous 75% discount, replacing it for so rarely used equipment is costly. Do you make a glass, off-color, or even a non-enameled cast iron lid I could purchase?

  6. My 15 year old Le Creuset Dutch oven was used so many times that the bottom has a few chip marks. I still use it and monitor it carefully for any new chipping. I talked to a chef and he said so long it is a normal wear and tear of the pot I should be safe to use it.

  7. I just barley brought oil to a light smoking and added chopped onions to sauté when there was a sudden cracking sound and found that there was a large cracked patch in the bottom of my #28 Le Creuset Dutch oven . First, I would like to repair it. Could I not take a grinder for glass and taper the edges of the enamel surrounding the damaged area. I believe it would no longer chip further. I received the Dutch oven as a gift and did not have warnings or instructions. Would you consider replacing it? THANKS

  8. for cleaning scorched bottoms of my LaCreset, I sprinkle baking soda heavily to the bottom of my pan. pour enough hydrogen peroxide into the soda to make a runny paste and let it set over night….. works to clean tough areas every time!!!

  9. My enameled cast iron dutch oven, the enamel has chipped off. Afraid to use because of possible more chipping and breaking off. What do you suggest.

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