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Using Cast Iron Cookware on a Ceramic Cooktop

Nov 7th, 2010 | Category: Cookware

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Another good question was asked over at thekitchn.com

"Can I Use a Cast Iron Pan on a Ceramic Range?"

I do not use a ceramic cooktop but I cannot imagine it would be a problem to use cast iron on a ceramic range. There are suggestions on HOW to use it and these are listed below. Basically don't slide it around. For some chefs, that may hamper your cooking style.

“Sliding aluminum or copper clad bottom pans on the cooktop can cause metal markings on the cooktop surface. These marks should be removed immediately after the cooktop has cooled using the cooktop cleaning cream. Metal marks can become permanent if not removed prior to future use.

Cookware (cast iron, metal, ceramic or glass) with rough bottoms can mark or scratch the cooktop surface. Do not slide anything metal or glass across the cooktop. Do not use your cooktop as a cutting board or work surface in the kitchen. Do not cook foods directly on the cooktop surface without a pan. Do not drop heavy or hard objects on the glass cooktop, they may cause it to crack."

Here is some other very sensible advice for using your ceramic stovetop:

Other advice has to do with cleaning, this is mostly common sense stuff.

Do not use the following on the ceramic glass cooktop:

Honestly I can't imagine cooking anywhere else but over gas flames. Yes I guess that is a personal preference but it just feels right to me. No one likes cleaning a stove-top but to sacrifice gas flames to easy cleaning is not for me.

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